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Innovative Farm Collaboration

The mission of White Barn Farm starts with land preservation, is filled with healthy food, soil, and staff and ends with ideals of a strong, vibrant community.  Since 2008 Christy and Chris Kantlehner have developed an incredible following of customers, staff and local businesses – inspiring everyone with a subject that connects us all – delicious food.

In an effort to deepen their mission’s success, increase their impact, and strengthen the long term stability of their business, the Kantlehners have decided to partner with Brittany Sidway Overshiner and her new farm venture on the border of Ashland and Holliston: Upswing Farm.

With parallel mission goals and a diversified skillset, this team believes a collaboration and shared resources will streamline their production, making room for important tasks such as: securing land tenure, increasing educational opportunities, diversifying the farm enterprises, improving soil health and improving farmer quality of life.

A part of their shared vision is a local and regional food system that respects a triple bottom line: resource conservation, community well-being and profitability.  Collaboration amongst farmers, instead of competition, will be necessary to keep farming in our suburban communities, where land values and development pressure have all but erased our agricultural landscape.

The collaboration will allow Upswing Farm to benefit from the established infrastructure at White Barn Farm, including greenhouses for seedling production, tractors, equipment and vegetable storage facilities.  In return it will provide added land-base for growing sprawling crops like winter squash, melons and potatoes and a place to rotate crops each year to reduce pest populations without the use of pesticides.   Overshiner will work at both sites, managing CSA distributions and helping with harvest, flowers, greenhouse work, and record keeping throughout the year.

Record keeping will be an essential part of the land management trials planned as a part of this partnership.  These trials will be evaluating different systems of soil preparation and cultivation for their efficiency and ability to build and maintain soil organic matter, and produce healthy crops.  To learn more about these systems, visit the blog.

White Barn Farm and Upswing Farm are invigorated by this partnership.  They want to engage their communities in this collaborative effort, so everyone can support local agriculture and enjoy the benefits of farm fresh food.   Contact the farm nearest you to find out how to get involved!

How to get involved:

Purchase a CSA Share, for pick up at White Barn Farm: 458 South St, Wrentham
Purchase a CSA Share, for pick up at Upswing Farm: 28 South St, Ashland
Visit the White Barn Farm Stand at 458 South St, Wrentham (Open April 30th)
Purchase seedlings at White Barn Farm’s Plant Sale for your vegetable garden
Visit Upswing Farm at the Ashland Farmers Market
Attend a workshop or tour at either farm

Contact Information:

White Barn Farm
458 South St
Wrentham, MA 02093

Upswing Farm
28 South St
Ashland, MA 01721

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