Summer CSA – Week 16 (Last Week!)

It’s fall.  I wonder if these soon-to-be butterflies will actually make it to Mexico? This week marks the last Summer Share.  Thanks so much for being with us these 16 weeks of vegetable eating.  We don’t have exact measurements, and because of choices everyone’s experience will be a little bit different, but if you gotContinue reading “Summer CSA – Week 16 (Last Week!)”

Summer CSA – Week 13 (Labor Day Post)

Labor Day is upon us – I think it’s time for that labor blog I promised earlier in the season.  It’s a lot easier to write about what is happening on the farm, or about how to grow and cook vegetables, but I started farming because I want to make significant societal chance, and after tenContinue reading “Summer CSA – Week 13 (Labor Day Post)”