CSA Shares

ALL CSA SHARES SOLD OUT FOR 2020. Click here to be added to the waiting list for a Fall CSA and to be contacted when 2021 shares become available.

At Upswing Farm we LOVE our CSA members.  We know that our farm would not be possible without the core group of dedicated customers who are willing to commit to the realities of a local harvest and we make sure they reap the benefits. We believe a CSA share provides your family with access to fresh, high quality produce and allows you to participate in a system of food production that is sustainable and fair.

2020 CSA Options

Spring Share – SOLD OUT FOR 2020

5-6 weeks, starting the week of May 4th or May 11th
Tuesday 1:00pm-6:00pm at the Holliston Community Farm (off of 16, near Sherborn line)
Thursday 1:00pm-6:00pm at Weston Nurseries, 93 E Main St, Hopkinton, (on 135, on the border of Ashland)

Example Spring Share: 1 bunch scallions, 1 bunch french breakfast radish, 1 bunch spinach, 1/3 lb arugula, 1/3 lb salad, mix, 1/3 lb pea tendrils, 1 bunch bok choy.



16 weeks, started June 2nd!!
Pick Up Options:
Tuesday 1:00pm-6:00pm at the Holliston Community Farm (off of 16, near Sherborn line)
Thursday 1:00pm-6:00pm at Weston Nurseries, 93 E Main St, Hopkinton, (on 135, on the border of Ashland)

Example Small Summer Share (July 30th) Small: 1 pound tomatoes, 1 pound mix: eggplant/peppers, 1/4 pound green beans, 1 head lettuce, 1 bunch carrots, 2lbs mix: zucchini, summer squash, cucumber, new potato, 1 bulb fresh garlic, 1/2 pint cherry tomatoes.

We didn’t take pictures of the small share every week.  Below are four pictures of different share options for week 13 of the CSA.

Fall Share – SOLD OUT!

10 weeks, every other week pick up, starting the week of October 5th
Pick Up Options:
Tuesday 1:00pm-6:00pm at the Holliston Community Farm (off of 16, near Sherborn line)
Thursday 1:00pm-6:00pm at Weston Nurseries, 93 E Main St, Hopkinton, (on 135, on the border of Ashland)

Example Fall Share: 2 pounds carrots, 2.5 pounds potatoes, 2.5 pounds sweet potato, 6 pounds winter squash, 1 pound broccoli/cauliflower, 1 pint brussels sprouts, 1.3 pounds onions, one bunch kale, one head escarole, 1/2 pound lettuce mix, 4 pounds mixed radish, turnip, rutabaga.

Winter Share
We are unable to offer Winter Shares for 2020/2021. Come visit us at the Hopkinton Winter Market!

Flower Share
11 weeks, starting the first or second week in July
Pick Up Options:
Tuesday 1:00pm-6:00pm at the Holliston Community Farm (off of 16, near Sherborn line)
Thursday 1:00pm-6:00pm at Weston Nurseries, 93 E Main St, Hopkinton, (on 135, on the border of Ashland)

Our Growing Practices

Your farmers have only worked on farms that follow organic standards.  Although we are not certified, we use crop production methods that build soil health, like composting, reduced tillage and cover cropping.  We never use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and even avoid the use of Organically approved sprays whenever possible.  Instead we rely on methods to prevent pest and disease infestation such as: crop rotation, pest exclusion, using regionally appropriate planting dates and varieties, growing healthy crops with resistance, appropriate plant spacing, multiple successions of crops, and, on occasion, hand picking of pests.

We live on this produce.  We eat it, we feed our families and friends, and we only want the best for them, for ourselves, and for you.  We are always happy to talk to you about our growing practices.

Our Crops

We strive to grow a wide variety of produce that is exciting to cook with, and plenty for fresh-eating in salads.  We can’t guarantee the success of any single crop, but we plant many varieties and multiple successions to provide the greatest opportunity for success.

Payment Plans

Although payment in full, when possible, is prefered, we also know what it’s like to live on a budget, so we offer a payment plan. If you choose the payment plan, please add your scheduled payments to your calendar. We do not add a fee for the payment plan, but there is additional administrative effort on our end. By remembering your payments, you can help to ease this cost.

A first payment of 1/3 of the share cost is required to secure the share. 
Second payment is Due April 1st
Third payment is Due June 1st
(If you purchase all three seasons we can accept the third payment in August)

Payment plans are only available for purchases of $300 or more.

Purchases after April 1st require a 2/3’s payment to secure the share.


Plans change, we know.

Refunds requested at a minimum 3 weeks before a share starts will receive the full amount, minus a $10 administration fee.  Refunds requested after that time frame will receive the full amount, minus a $10 administration fee and a $30 inconvenience fee.  Refunds mid-season will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but we guarantee no refunds after the start of the CSA season.

How Pick Up Works
You are welcome to send someone else to pick up your share, just make sure they know these details about CSA Pick Up. (Also, you should know them too!)

What to Bring : Two grocery bags, extra plastic bags.

We will have the vegetables displayed market style, with signs telling members what to take. We will have extra bags but encourage our members to bring reusable bags or containers to pick up their vegetables. Some people use boxes, crates, baskets or tubs instead of bags.

1. SIGN IN BY CROSSING OFF YOUR NAME – this is a very important step!  If you don’t cross off your name, I will think you haven’t come at the end of the evening and start to panic that I don’t have enough vegetables!!

2. Collect Your Vegetables. The wagon will be loaded with the CSA vegetables. Walk around the wagon and read the signs in front of the vegetables telling you what to take.

If you would like to make any trades check the trade bin or ask the stand attendant. Please understand that although we do our best to accommodate trades but we cannot guarantee every request.

What if . . . ?

I’m going to be late?

Call the farm number so we can arrange a way for you to collect your vegetables.

I want to send someone in my place?

Great! Just let them know the details of pick up and make sure they CROSS OFF YOUR NAME! There will be someone there to help them.

If you email or text after we have already harvested your share, you will need to pick up your share that day, or arrange to pick up those same vegetables later in the week.

I can’t make the pick up at all one week?

We do not offer a “double up” option for CSA Shares.  We ask that members either gift the week they will miss to a friend or neighbor (like the person who is checking on your plants/collection your mail!) or we can donate the share to the Holliston Food Pantry.

Weekly Emails

I send an email once/week, usually on a Monday, to let you know what will be in the share for the week. Please know that I do my best to be accurate but sometimes during harvest things change, either because yields are lower/higher than I anticipated, or there is a pest or disease issue that wasn’t apparent during my field scouting.

Produce Handling Tips
Treat your vegetables like ice cream!  Don’t leave them in the car and put them where they belong as soon as you get home!

• Most vegetables prefer to be stored in plastic bags in the bottom of the fridge.

• If they come twist tied, undo the twist tie before storing in a plastic bag

• Roots should be separated from greens (by either twisting or cutting) and stored in separate bags (yes you can eat beet greens, radish greens, turnip greens, etc)

• Some vegetables don’t want to go in the fridge – we will let you know as they come up, but NEVER store tomatoes in the fridge

• If they are washed and bagged, consider putting them in the lettuce spinner when you get home to take off some excess moisture so they will last longer

More about the CSA Model

The CSA model allows customers to invest in their farm by committing to a season of fresh vegetables.  CSA’s are a great way to access incredibly fresh produce while supporting local farms and maintaining an agricultural landscape in your community.  Membership not only provides your family with fresh vegetables, it supports farmland preservation and community development.

At Upswing Farm you will pick up a variety of vegetables once a week during your share season (we have 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).  By paying in advance you will provide the farm with essential funds for supplies like seeds, mulch, compost, tools and equipment.  In exchange for your commitment it is our intention to provide you with the highest quality seasonal produce we can grow at a value of 20% more than what you are paying.

Low risk.  Your farmers have a combined 20 years of experience farming, and have never failed to provide a bountiful share.  Our farm plan includes over 60 crops, many of which are planted multiple times during the growing season, to ensure that small crop failures do not mean empty CSA shares.  We grow multiple varieties of each crop, some that do well in heat, some that do well in wet soils, some that almost always do well, to ensure that regardless of the weather, we will have produce to harvest.

High Return.  You are signing up for a share with farmers who have impeccable standards.  We adore great flavor, stunning color, unique variety and take special care to harvest and wash our crops so they will be easy to process and inspiring to cook with.  Customers who have bought shares from Upswing in the past are thrilled with the quality, and with the tasty influx of vegetables in their diet!

Social Value.  Your commitment to our CSA is a commitment to the future of your community.  By supporting our farm you are also supporting farm land preservation, resource conservation and community development and food access.  More than 8,000lbs of vegetables have been donated to hunger relief organizations throughout the lifetime of our farm.  Your farmers don’t just care about growing vegetables, they are actively involved in their communities and are passionate about the environmental and social justice that is created by a local, fair, secure food system.


Email your farmer: brittany@upswingfarm.com