March 24th Pop-Up Farm Stand

We can’t go a month without selling some vegetables!  Yes, it is the leanest time of year for a New England Farm, but we still have some delicious produce we know you’ll love.  Plus, we are trying some new experiments in microgreens that we’re sure you’ll want to try.

We will also have: fingerling potatoes, potatoes, red and yellow onions, beets, carrots, rutabaga, kohlrabi, celery root, red and green cabbage and popcorn.

Researchers have found that micorgreens contain as much as 40 times the nutrients of their mature counterparts.  If you’re looking to turn over a new leaf this spring and try some really healthy treats (“fancy vegetable sprinkles” as one farmer recently put it!) you’ll definitely want to stop by.  Our new assistant manager is in love with micro-greens – let her convince you how amazing they are.

20% off for anyone who has already signed up for a 2018 CSA Share.  You can also sign up for a share, or talk to a farmer to learn more about our farm and why our CSA is a great value option for you and your family.

Remember to follow parking signs – a spring farm is a sloppy farm, and we don’t want to have to pull you out of the mud!


Living Creations with Designer Laurene Hulbig

Take a moment, enjoy a breath of fresh air and design creations that will surround you with beauty all year.  Laurene has been designing with flowers for weddings and events for decades, and has a passion for using locally sourced materials to make inspiring creations.  Invite a friend and come in for some fun!  Learn valuable skills that you can use year after year to fill your life with beauty.

Colorful Bulb Planter $45
Sunday March 25, 2018  10-12pm

In this workshop we will be planting up spring bulbs for forcing indoors. Using a bright verity of Tulips, Tete-a-Tetes and Muscari in a rustic box these planters in a few short weeks will be so cheerful on your table. We will be discussing the secrets to successful bulb forcing methods and each participant will plant up and bring home a spring garden to enjoy. All necessary materials will be provided including planter, soil, assorted bulbs and instructions for care now and later after bloom time. Please pay that morning with check or cash. Space will be limited to 12 guests so sign up soon.

Willow Spring Basket $45
Saturday April 14, 2018  10-2pm

We will be creating a beautiful living centerpiece by using a selection of fresh plants both blooming and foliage. A simple design and potting up technic for all to learn. In this workshop we will be discussing houseplant care of feeding, watering and when to repot plants. Each participant will be provided with all materials including soil, assorted plants and baskets. You will of course bring home their lovely creation to enjoy for months. Please pay that morning with check or cash and space will be limited to 12.

Living Wreath $55
Saturday May 12, 2018  10-2

In this workshop we will be cratering a gorgeous wreath out of simple grapevine, assorted native mosses and seasonal plants. This design will bring out the woodland creature in you.  In this class discussion we will going over challenges and yet delights of vertical gardening.

All materials will be provided including grapevine wreath, mosses and plants. Feel free to bring any additional small airplants or succulents that you may have at home and we can incorporate into your design. Your living wreath will be happy both indoor and out! Please pay that morning with check or cash and space will be limited to 12.

Kitchen Herb Planter $55
Sunday May 27, 2018  10-2

Who doesn’t want fresh local herbs at their culinary finger tips! In this workshop we will be discussing both use and care for herbs indoor and out. We will be planting up herbs in a peck basket that you can later transplant into your garden. All materials will be provided including peck basket, assorted  herb plants and soil. Your planter will be happy indoors for months, but the plants will last years! Please pay that morning with check or cash and space will be limited to 12. These make great gifts so feel free to make 2! Each additional planter will be $35

Bee Garden $125
July 22, 2018 10-12pm

Feed the bees! In this workshop we will be starting a garden from scratch. Learn easy ways to begin a garden, plant selection and plant placement. Get your hands dirty by helping out the go home with all the plants, design map and fresh knowledge for installing your own garden. Fifteen bee friendly plants will be provided. Compost and fertilizer will be available for purchase.

Bee prepared to get dirty! Please pay that morning with check or cash and space will be limited to 12.