Summer 2020

The Ashland Farmer’s Market (starting June 13th) has new regulations to keep customers and vendors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly, customers will not be allowed to handle produce. We strongly encourage you to pre-order what you would like to buy from us. Join our mailing list to receive a weekly notification when online ordering opens for the market. (The first market was really smooth, wait times were no longer than they are sometimes anyway, just a little more spread out).

The demand for our product is incredibly high, but our land base is much smaller than it was last year. Our two outlets for product are our CSA shares and the Ashland Farmer’s Market. We do not have enough product to establish retail protocol during our CSA pick up times. We would love to be able to sell more, and are working on acquiring more land to meet demand.

We are also thinking more critically than ever, about how our white, middle class privilege has made it possible for us to be (mostly) successful on this ten year journey towards farm ownership, and how systemic racism affects our business/how our business perpetuates systemic racism. We will be donating throughout the summer to Black-lead organizations, individuals, activists, artists, authors and other groups working towards the end of systemic racism. We are also reading and researching, setting aside time each week to dedicate to anti-racism work. You can read about this work in our blog.

June 13th and June 19th we are donating 5% of sales to The Fundraiser for New Black Doulas. Visit our facebook post to learn more about why we chose this cause.

Inventory is posted on Thursday at 7:00pm (sometimes we are a little late) and shopping closes at 7pm on Friday each week. We reserve the right to make substitutions and refunds as needed. Remember, we actually go out and PICK this stuff on Friday, so anything can happen (insects, woodchucks, drought, over estimates of yield . . .). We do our best, but this is reality.

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We are all over town these days, here are our Pick Up Sites:
Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton (93 East Main St) – THURSDAY CSA 12pm-5pm
Grateful Farm in Franklin (our current home base, 49 Prospect St)
No Retail Sales
Holliston Community Farm (34 Rodgers Rd)
– TUESDAY CSA 1pm-6pm

At Upswing Farm we understand that everything in life is about give and take. That’s why we work to provide the most delicious, nourishing and easy to enjoy food possible, with the least environmental impact.

Fresh, high quality food tastes better, and requires less input and effort to make a quality meal. Our dedicated customers enjoy seasonal produce grown with the understanding that healthy soil produces healthy food which nourishes people.

Consider joining our CSA, which is essentially a seasonal vegetable subscription program, or visit us at the Ashland Farmers Market (if it opens this summer…) or our online store to get a taste of what we do. Thank you for visiting out site!

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