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Farm Stand Is OPEN for the season!

Our stand is staffed and fully stocked Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-6:30 during our CSA pick up.  We harvest extra of everything for retail sale.
For the rest of the week we have limited quantities of produce available for sale on the honor system.

Address: 28 South St, Ashland MA (near the Warren Conference Center and Ashland State Park)

2017 CSA Summer CSA Shares and Fall Shares Available: Click to Learn More

We are able to add CSA member to our Summer Share.   Although we met our target sales goals, our production is outstanding this year.  We are opening up ten more CSA shares to new members on a prorated basis (we won’t charge you for the weeks you miss!).  This extra income will be used to pay for extra labor to care for the summer and fall crops – we’ve got lots of weeding to do!!

Don’t Miss Us at the Ashland Farmer’s Market!

We Bring our Widest Selection of Produce to the Ashland Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm.  The Market is a 125 Front St in Ashland.  We also do mixed cut-flower bouquets for $12.

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Upswing Farm is a small, diversified vegetable farm on the border of Ashland and Holliston, MA run by Brittany and Kevin Overshiner.  In January 2016 we were offered a year lease on the 34 acres at 28 South St in Ashland.  Over 70 families supported our Community Supported Agriculture Program, and we served hundreds more at the Ashland Farmer’s Market every Saturday.  We feel fortunate to be farming in this community, and are optimistic that we can build a community treasure that will last long into the future.  The land we rent is under threat of development.  Please continue reading to learn more about our land preservation goals.



We believe that small-scale, sustainable farming is a revolutionary act.  We value healthy people and healthy environments over profit, and use constantly evolving and innovative methods to grow the most nutritious food possible with the least environmental impact.  Food is essential, and has the ability to nourish and enrich our lives.  Too many of the options available today are processed, low nutrient, high environmental impact foods that ultimately lead to chronic disease and pollution.  We want to be a part of an alternative system that provides great food while protecting natural ecosystem processes and properly compensating and respecting farm employees.

Land access is one of the greatest challenges farmers face today. It’s harder and harder for new farmers to find affordable land within a reasonable proximity to markets. There is an incredible demand for local produce in our community and not enough farms and farmers to meet that demand.  But the demand for housing is still much higher, and the development value of farmland is frequently 5 times (or more) the agricultural value in our corner of Massachusetts.

Upswing Farm Pano spring 16

When we found out there was an opportunity to farm the land at 28 South St. we jumped at the chance. In a community where accessing farmland feels next to impossible, we have the opportunity to farm and work with the landowner to find a way to preserve the land for agricultural production.  In the fall of 2016 we were able to secure a 3 year lease, giving us a secure timeframe in which to build our business and collaborate with interested organizations and community members to work towards preservation.  We have high hopes that our dreams of long-term security as major contributors to our local food community can be realized, and this valuable asset will remain in the community for years to come.

In 2016 Brittany worked in partnership with White Barn Farm, an established, small farm in Wrentham to get off the ground.  In 2017 we will continue a modified version of our collaboration, growing some crops at both farm sites, sharing some equipment, and generally supporting one another.

Your support this year will make a critical difference in the success of this farm, the preservation of farm land and the growth of the local food movement.


Please take a minute to read about our CSA Program, and learn how buying fresh, beautiful vegetables can create an amazing difference in your diet and your community.

Make sure to visit us at the Ashland Farmers Market this summer!

Learn more about land we will farm and try to preserve: The Fields at Thistle Dew Hill

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