Our Story

Brittany barefoot

“I feel like we’re on an upswing.”
-Brittany Sidway Overshiner, Farmer

Land access is one of the greatest challenges farmers face today. It’s harder and harder for farmers to find affordable land within a reasonable proximity to markets. There is an incredible demand for local produce in our community and not enough farms and farmers to meet that demand.

When we found out there was an opportunity to farm the land at Thistle Dew Hill we jumped at the chance. In a community where accessing farmland feels next to impossible, we have the opportunity to farm and work with the landowner to find a way to preserve the land for agricultural production.  Although our only certainty is a one-year lease, we have high hopes that our dreams of long-term security as major contributors to our local food community can be realized.

This farm is a project. We are working in partnership with White Barn Farm, an established small farm in Wrentham to get off the ground. We will operate as full partners for our first year, growing crops at both sites, sharing greenhouse space, tractors, tools and most importantly, our individual skill-sets which will help both farms thrive. Our hope is that this partnership will continue in perpetuity.

Your support this year will make a critical difference in the success of this farm, the preservation of farm land and the growth of the local food movement.

Please take a minute to read about our CSA Program, and learn how buying fresh, beautiful vegetables can create an amazing difference in your diet and your community.

Make sure to visit us at the Ashland Farmers Market this summer!

Learn more about land we will farm and try to preserve: The Fields at Thistle Dew Hill