New: Online Store

The initial launch of our online store was a huge success. We are grateful for your support! We decided to upgrade to a farm-specific platform that offers more organization for us on the backside, automating and streamlining the pick and pack process and maintains an enjoyable customer experience.

Order Produce Now for Pick up at Weston Nurseries April 1st and Franklin April 4th. You can show item by item or you can buy the “Farmer’s Special Selection” which is a box that combines the best produce we have available now for a 10% discount. Visit our blog for great recipes to utilize the special selection.

We are offering an early sale of cool-season vegetable and herb seedlings for pick up April 17th and 18th. Order NOW in our online store to reserve yours. Check out our full inventory on our seedling sale page which you will be able to order in a few weeks. We will ensure no-contact picks ups for distribution of all of our seedlings.

Pick Up Sites
Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton (93 East Main St)
Grateful Farm in Franklin (our current home base, 49 Prospect St)
Holliston Community Farm (35 Rodgers Rd)

For the launch of our online store and in response to the new food insecurities so many in our state face with job loss and school closures we donated 30% of the income from all purchases in our launch of our online store to Project Bread to support families struggling with food access during this time of change and insecurity.

A donation of $706.20 was made on March 23rd.

At Upswing Farm we understand that everything in life is about give and take. That’s why we work to provide the most delicious, nourishing and easy to enjoy food possible, with the least environmental impact.

Fresh, high quality food tastes better, and requires less input and effort to make a quality meal. Our dedicated customers enjoy seasonal produce grown with the understanding that healthy soil produces healthy food which nourishes people.

Consider joining our CSA, which is essentially a seasonal vegetable subscription program, or visit us at the Ashland Farmers Market or our summer farm stand to get a taste of what we do. Thank you for visiting out site!