Workplace Delivery Program

Many Employers are interested in supporting the health of their employees. Eating healthy, fresh food is one of the first steps on the path towards well-being.  Help make the choice convenient for your employees and co-workers by offering and Upswing Farm CSA delivery program at your workplace.

Why offer a CSA delivery program for your employees:

  • Encourages healthy eating
  • Convenient
  • Builds community through recipe sharing and conversations
  • Some health insurance plans offer discounts on CSA purchases
  • Low/No-cost way to offer an employee benefit

What participants can expect:

  • 16 weeks of fresh produce, from June 13th-September 26th
  • Individual bags packed with a diverse variety of seasonal produce (8-15 items)
  • A weekly email with recipes, produce information and farm updates
  • Increase in produce consumption
  • Empowerment in the kitchen thought increased knowledge of produce and preparation methods
  • Surprise and delight in the quality of freshly harvested produce
  • A feeling of connection to your local food system

How it works (Multiple Options)

1. Offer the CSA program to your employees and they register through our website.  We do all the coordination and delivery.  Your employees pay the full amount for the share, boxing, and delivery, you provide the opportunity and the delivery/pick up space.

2. Offer the CSA program to your employees and the company pays the delivery and boxing fee (based on mileage and number of shares delivered, starting at $450/season).  Your employees pay the regular share price as if they were picking up at the farm.

3. Offer the CSA program to your employees and pay up-front for them.  The weekly cost of the CSA is then taken from their paychecks, allowing your employees to participate without making the upfront payment, which can be a financial burden for some.  Some employers choose to further subsidize the CSA opportunity by paying for a portion of the share, offering a further discount and incentive to their employees.

To discuss this opportunity and explore the delivery options contact our farmer, Brittany Overshiner:

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