The Fields at Thistle Dew Hill

Upswing Farm Pano spring 16.JPG

In the 1960’s Charlie Nickerson (Mr. Nick), Founder of Outpost Farm in Holliston, MA, bought the land, now called Thistle Dew Hill, as a site to grow extra crops for his business and build a home.

Mr. Nick knew we were looking for land and when his previous tenants decided not to renew their lease for 2016 he reached out to us. He offered not only a lease but the opportunity to figure out a way to transition ownership of the land to us.  He believes in hard work and helping others and it is a joy to collaborate with him.

We have a three year lease, but are working hard with lawyers, conservation groups and Land For Good, an organization that specializes in transitioning farmland, to try and figure out a way to preserve these productive fields.

This beautiful property is an asset to the area, providing beautiful views from Highland Street and a place to grow fresh produce.  It is our intention to make every effort to preserve this property as productive open space.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our land preservation efforts!


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