May Update, Spring Share 1

We are really getting it done this spring. I’m exhausted, which is a scary place to be when harvest is just beginning this week, but I know this is only temporary. Somehow the crops are growing!! Believe it or not, every year I still wonder if crops will grow. Maybe it’s because we’ve been on new ground every year for a while and I’m just unsure of the soil, maybe it’s all still a little bit like magic for me.

We are harvesting tomorrow for our first Spring Share distribution at the Holliston Community Farm, 1pm-5pm, Tuesday, May 4th. Spinach, lettuce, cilantro, arugula and bok choy are slated to be in the first share. Weston Nursery pick up us Thursday, 12:00pm-5:00pm, Thursday, May 6th.

We have been crushing our to-do lists, even with Harvey out of school for ten days sick, and crazy winds and rain storms, we are getting it done in a big way. Our crew is amazing – enthusiastic, talented and ready to make it work.

This team planted a half acre of potatoes in about 2 hours the other day . . . it was the best potato planting we’ve ever done. We don’t have special equipment for planting potatoes and have typically carried heavy buckets around while we drop seed. This year, I rode in the bucket of the tractor (super slow, and Kevin is a wicked safe driver) and Avery and Jess rode on the transplanter. We each planted our own bed. I almost always underestimate how long a task will take, and this was one excellent, surprising moment when it was faster – and really fun.
On the left are the potatoes, and on the right are the onions (can you see the faint green?) That’s 40,000+ onions!!

We’ve been planting like maniacs – and have a made a few major pushes to get plantings in before the rain. (Sometime, like in the picture above and to the right, we get caught in the rain before we are completely done – that was a really wet moment). Last week Joella, a new, part-time employee responded to my call for help at 3:00pm and we had six, 400 foot beds of cabbage planted by 6:00pm. And I managed to get the carrots and parsnips seeded before 9:00. It was hard to do by tractor headlight, but I think I nailed it.

The sky has been incredible lately – and I’ve been making myself take time to stop and appreciate it.

The sky while I was seeding carrots and parsnips before last week’s rain.
The Pink Super Moon was rising while I was kind of stressed out closing the caterpillar tunnels on the 26th – it stopped me in my tracks and put things in perspective.
The super moon as I was finishing up my greenhouse closing loop.
Stormy clouds before a rainstorm.

It is sunny here too! This pic is a little older – I think the rye is about 4 times as tall now. We have planted roughly 3.5 acres, we plowed another 3.5 acres of cover crop last week and then we’ve got about 3.5 more acres in rye and vetch that we are going to let grow for another few weeks before we turn it in.

And we planted the high tunnel tomatoes!!

I apologize that is is a rambling update – I got my second vaccine yesterday (Moderna) and I feel like I have the flu. It’s all good, but I need to rest up so I can harvest tomorrow! More updates to come soon!

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