Summer CSA – Week 3

We got the weeds out of the flower pathways on Sunday, just before the rain.  Harvey had fun pointing out all of the peas.  “More! More! More!”

Flower CSA Share starts this week.  If you purchased a flower CSA Share you should receive an email with details about pick up.  This is 2-3 weeks before we planned to start the share, but we have flowers now so we are going to get started.  This means the share will go until the first week of September instead of the 3rd or 4th.  It is an 11 week share.

Flowers will be available for pick up during regular CSA hours.  You must cross of your name on  the flower list as well as the veggie list.

4th of July Week: Wow, 4th of July on a Wednesday, what a tough one.
We will be open our regular hours Tuesday July 3rd and Thursday July 5th.  If you need to switch, just let me know.

We will be closed Wednesday, July 4th.

We will be delivering the regular Wednesday CSA pick up on Thursday, July 5th. Same hours, same locations.

On to the veggies!

Carrots are in! Cucumbers are really in!

It rained! We got just under 1/2″, but it’s making a world of a difference.  Some crops grew overnight because of it.  We are still working on irrigation.  We’ve been working with the Ashland Water Dept. to gain access to the hydrant on the corner of South St and Chestnut/Highland.  We will still pay for the water, but it will be at the top of the hill and high pressure, allowing us to much more easily get the appropriate amounts of water on our crops when needed.  Hopefully we get rain again on Thursday!

The potatoes are one of the crops that grew overnight last night.

We planted the last of the winter squash this morning, which for me always marks a turning point in the season . We still have a few major plantings of fall transplanted crops, but no major blocks to plant all in one go.  It is the beginning of heavier harvesting and weeding, with transplanting still happening (lettuce every two weeks, beets and kale every 3 weeks) and direct seeding (I just planted the next round of beans, arugula, carrots, radish, dill and cilantro this morning) but not in major bursts. I know the summer CSA has only just begun, but half of the year is practically over!

We have a lot of hoeing and hand weeding in our future.  If anyone is partial to hand weeding and wants to join our team we have a group hand weeding from 10am-12pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It is CRAZY satisfying to hand weed large areas with a big group of people, and our weeds are very under control, so it’s rather pleasant.  If I didn’t have so many other things to do, I’d spend a lot more time hand weeding. Also, you get to hang out with Erin and she is the coolest. In fact, email Erin if you want to weed:

Erin being thoughtful about pea picking.  Photo credit: Bob Durling

Our photographer friend, Bob Durling got some great shots of the crew picking last Tuesday.  It takes a lot of people to make this farm happen.  Not only do we have myself, Erin and Kevin working full time, but we have 4 other people working 20-30 hours/week and then 5 work-for-share members who trade 3 hours of labor in exchange for a large share.  I’m tough to work for, and the work is hard, but they do a great job.  Make sure you give them a big thank you if you happen to see any crew around. (Below photo credit: Bob Durling).


So, what’s in the share:

Sweet Turnips
Head Lettuce
Lettuce Mix
1/2 pint peas (most likely the last of the season)

The large share will be able to choose 2-3 extra items in the following list (small shares can trade for these items, we will try to keep the trade fully stocked, if you really want to trade just ask.  Make sure if you are trading cucumber or zucchini that you trade a full pound, not just one cucumber or one zucchini to make it more fair).

Bok Choy (a little pest damage on the leaves, but good to go!)
Micro Basil
Garlic Scapes


Honey Glazed Turnips

Zucchini Fritters

Marinated and Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash

Grilled Beets

Beet and Cucumber Salad

Lebanese Stuffed Cousa Squash



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