Spring CSA – Week 4

UpswingShare-5-29-2018-2809Spring CSA – Week 4

(email sent on Memorial day)

Abbreviated Email!  We’re taking the afternoon off to see a movie.  We don’t see movies anymore (my first in two years, except for The Last Jedi, which was worthwhile, but disappointing – can’t wait to talk Star Wars with all of you in the stand!).

We’re on the run! Enjoy the info, see you soon!

If you aren’t a CSA member, we have opened the stand Tuesday – Friday 12-6pm.  We have extra of all of the items listed below (until we run out) plus some extra seedlings.

Romain Lettuce

Lettuce Mix/Baby Kale Choice (if you choose baby kale eat soon!)

Mustard Greens/Swiss Chard Choice


Salad Turnip


Dill/Cilantro/Oregano/Garlic Chives Choice


Scallion/Green Garlic Choice

Well, if you knew what you were in for, you’re loving these spring greens.  If you didn’t understand the seasonal nature of vegetables in New England, you might be wondering how to eat another single leaf.  We’ve got a few recipes to use up a lot of greens in this share, as well as a few more roots and herbs to liven things up.

Roasted Radishes – This recipe called for two bunches of radishes, but you can use the radish and turnips together, or just cut the recipe in half.

Green Mixed Greens Pie with Phyllo Crust – this recipe calls for 30 oz of cooked spinach, kale or collards, but you can use any green (including mustards, swiss chard, turnip and radish greens and even arugula!).  This is a luxurious way to use up a lot of greens!

Mixed Greens Pesto – If you think pesto has to have basil, you are wrong.  You can use this recipe as a starting point to make any kind of pesto.  Honestly, as long as you use ingredients you like and that taste good you’ll get a great pesto.  You can freeze some and use later, or use all at once on pasta, or spread on toast with a fried egg (our personal favorite).

A handful of ideas for mustard greens

Swiss Chard with Chick Peas and Couscous


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