Spring CSA – Week 3

Planting Tomatoes in the Tunnels. We are picking all of our Spring Share vegetables from the fields now, and the tunnels are full of early tomatoes! Photo credit: Bob Durling

Well, this is the halfway mark of this little Spring Share.  We hope to have more greenhouse space so we can start earlier next year, but for now, a 5 week share full of fresh greens is a great way to start the season.

Thanks to everyone who came out (or tried to come out) for our Tasting Tour this past week.  Tuesday got rained out (hard) but Thursday was lots of fun.  If you missed it, mark you calendars – they are always the third Tuesday and Thursday of the month until September. Tours start at 4:45 and last about an hour.  All ages welcome.

May is more than halfway done (YAY!).  We love May and we are having a great season, but its a go, go, go month.  Everything for the spring share is already well on it’s way to maturity and we are focused now on major plantings of sensitive crops like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumber, zucchini and even looking towards fall as we prepare beds for winter squash and sweet potatoes.

We hope you are enjoying the greens, because there are a lot more coming your way!

This week’s share:

Head Lettuce
Lettuce Mix
Herb Choice*
Green Garlic**
Broccoli Raab
Bok Choy

*Herbs will include cilantro, dill, oregano, garlic chives and some lemon balm which you can use to make fresh tea!!
** Green garlic is just baby garlic, usually the small, extra cloves left over from garlic planting that we plant with the intention of harvesting as green garlic.  You can eat the whole thing, just chop and use like a scallion or garlic in any recipe.  Don’t be afraid – if you like garlic you’ll love green garlic.

CSA Member Recipe (she loved it and we’ve got most of what you need for it) : 15 Minute Sesame Ginger Noodles (uses bok choy, garlic and scallion).

Spaghetti with Broccoli Raab, Toasted Garlic and Bread Crumbs

Baked Kale Chips

Fresh Spinach Recipes to Bring Out Your Inner Popeye

Pan Grilled Scallions (if you need help using them up!)

water pump harvey
Harvey was inspecting our water pump – it passed!

We hope you enjoy this weeks share!



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