News on our Spring Seedling Sale and How to Garden Videos

I don’t know about you, but being cooped up in my house (especially on these rainy days) makes me even more eager to get my hands dirty. On so many levels, COVID-19 has opened our eyes to the gaps in the resiliency of our communities. As a farmer, I’ve thought a lot, always but moreContinue reading “News on our Spring Seedling Sale and How to Garden Videos”

Farmer’s Special Selection, April 1st and 4th

Our special box this week highlights some delicious fresh greens and flavorful roots. April is an interesting time of year to eat locally in New England. The storage crops are running low but the greenhouse greens are really ramping up their growth. Combining the rich, warm flavors of winter roots with the bright flavors ofContinue reading “Farmer’s Special Selection, April 1st and 4th”

Winter CSA: 2nd Distro

Almost immediately after arriving home from Christmas with my parents I drove to the cooler at the farm in Franklin where the majority of our root vegetables and cabbage are stored because I just needed to see them. Give them a few loving, yet judgemental squeezes, and make sure everything was still storing well. YouContinue reading “Winter CSA: 2nd Distro”

Sweet Potatoes, Butternut and Carrots Recipe Highlights

We have an abundance of delicious sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut that we need you to eat up this week. We grow the varieties that taste best. Waltham Butternut and Orleans Sweet Potatoes are so sweet you don’t need to add anything! But you can . . . Where to get them (and lots ofContinue reading “Sweet Potatoes, Butternut and Carrots Recipe Highlights”