Flower Manager: Erin Espinosa

Erin here! You’ve known me for the past two years as the Assistant Manager of Upswing Farm. I mainly worked on the vegetable production side of the business, helping Brittany occasionally in the flower operation. This will be my seventh season farming, wow! But only third as a full-time farmer. I started farming in high school as a volunteer here and there. My volunteer experience grew into college internships and later a post-graduate career at Upswing Farm. The therapeutic, fast-paced, and interdisciplinary experience that a career in farming offers appeals to me. Additionally, farming allows me to simultaneously address my environmental, social justice, and holistic beliefs. It means working in partnership with the earth to grow wholesome, safe, and delicious food for all.

I am now re-introducing myself as the Flower Manager! Upswing Farm is in a state of transition. It didn’t make sense for the business to have 3 vegetable management positions anymore, so Brittany presented this option as a way to help the business and maintain my pathway to progress. She’s great, isn’t she? I am a team player, so originally I said yes with the intention of being of service to the business in the best way I could. But over time, this opportunity grew into more.

I’ve always been the creative type. I had a short career in contemporary dance/choreography and continue to do recreational dance today. Even in school I excelled in English and struggled in Math and Science. It is funny to me that I even considered a career in farming as it requires an immense amount of science and math. However, great mentor-ship and an enthusiastic interest to learn goes a long way. Through growing and arranging flowers this year, I will engage both my artistic skills and farm skills together. I am filled with gratitude to hold a position that adheres to my personal complexities! In addition to farming, I work as an Educator and Development Associate for The New Garden Society, a non-profit that conducts horticulture education and vocational training in local prisons. I love to hike in the White Mountains, groove to live music, read outside, and fit in the occasional surf sess! This is starting to sound like my online dating profile..back to flowers!Having one position dedicated to flower growing will allow Upswing Farm to focus on improving our flower production. Flowers are a whole other beast to learn and master. It is difficult to do this while also growing awesome vegetables. As Flower Manager, my goal this year is to increase efficiency and improve quality. I will do this mainly by conducting detailed research, modifying on-farm systems (such as maintenance, harvest, and post-harvest processes), and record-keeping. I am extremely excited and determined to grow beautiful, fresh, long-lasting flowers for our customers this year. I hope you will share my excitement by purchasing a CSA Flower Share or visiting me at the Ashland Farmer’s Market on Saturdays starting in June! If you have any questions regarding Upswing flowers, you can reach me at