Summer CSA – Week 9

Kevin and Zach picking last weeks corn.

(This weeks blog entry comes from Erin – with a few notes from Brittany in the mix).

With temperatures in the 90s and summer produce in full swing, we are quite literally in the heat of summer. At this time of year we are excited to distribute some of the summer CSA favorites—tomatoes, peppers, melons, fresh onions, etc. Additionally, at this time of year, we are able to donate extra food and “seconds” (produce that is not in marketable condition) to area food pantries and food access non-profits, such as The Boston Area Gleaners. This amazing non-profit supports both small-scale farmers and food insecure individuals by harvesting extra produce directly from farms and distributing this produce to those in need.

You may be surprised to hear that 1 in 10 people in Massachusetts are living with food insecurity. This means people lack access to healthy, fresh food and a balanced diet. Food insecure people may not have the financial means to get to a full service grocery store, afford kitchenware to cook, or afford wholesome foods at all.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Support availability of local farm land and keep farm land close to home.
  • Support or donate to local non-profits and farms working to fight hunger.
  • Advocate for food access program funding (such as the Healthy Incentives Program) in local, state, and national government.
  • Last but certainly not least…Donate to our very own CSA member, Debra’s fundraiser for The Boston Area Gleaners!! Debra is a supporter of our farm and food access advocate, who is using her biking skills to raise awareness for the Boston Area Gleaners.
This week’s corn in he background of our AMAZING winter squash crop. It’s looking GOOD.

What’s in the share:

Cantaloupe (Why did the melons have a church wedding?) – these are field ripened and delicious – enjoy soon after pick up!

Corn (Brittany’s note: ears are bigger, but the worms are a little bigger too – this is a great week to try cutting the tips off before shucking if you are squeemish – remember, no peeling back ears at the stand, we are all subject to the gamble of growing corn organically.)

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are comin’ in hot, here are some recipes that will still leave you wanting more…

Homemade salsa

Corn and tomato pasta salad (add basil and cucumber for some extra flavor)

Oven-roasted tomatoes


Beans: Try Sauteed Italian Flat Beans or Lemony White Bean and Flat Bean Bowl




Basil: To keep your basil fresher for longer, place your bunch in a vase of water. If you haven’t tried making pesto yet, now is the time! Use it as a topping for pasta or a spread for your grilled veggies and sandwiches.

We will have potatoes and fresh onions for sale at the stand for those CSA members who want them!

It’s Week 9…already?!

The share is half-way done—you may be feeling like you are in a veggie heaven or you may still feel a little overwhelmed by all this delicious produce. Here are some links to easy at-home preservation techniques that will make your bounty last and make you feel like a true local foodie.





Thanks for your support, cheers!


One thought on “Summer CSA – Week 9

  1. It is great to read/find your blog! I never knew you had one. It just learned a lot by reading 2 posts.

    Thanks for your explanation of food insecurity and ways to help the issue…along with a plug for my bike ride fundraiser for Boston Area Gleaners.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work for raising our delicious and local/fresh food. I appreciate it and you all so much.


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